Places of interest in Spain - Castilla y Leon

Published: 26th May 2010
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Castilla y Leon located to the north of Aragon and near the province of Cantabria is also called 'land of castles'. Interestingly, this city is the star attraction for all the tourists. This village has castles built during Moorish, Roman and Spanish Empire period. According to history, the city of Leon was actually a kingdom and later it was occupied by some Romans. It is always a pleasure to walk around this beautiful city of Leon because it is rich in palaces, bars, churches, parks, etc. Some of the places of interest in Castilla y Leon are briefly discussed here:

Camino de Santiago:

This city is considered to be the hub of cultural activities of Leon. In addition to being a cultural point, it is also a religious city because it has some of the oldest and most revered churches of Spain. As a matter of fact no visitor misses visiting the Camino de Santiago and the churches in this city.

Roman wall:

The Roman wall still exists to protect the city. The uniqueness of the Roman wall in Leon is that it has most spectacular artifacts. In fact no other fort of Roman wall built anywhere in Spain has so many artifacts.

Pulcra Leonina:

This cathedral which is built in French Gothic style has beautiful sculpture works. The portico measures about 1800 square meters of multicolored glass windows. These windows are located at the appropriate places. Virgen Blanca's figure located outside the church welcomes the devotees with blessings.

De San Isidoro:

This is a Roman Basilica believed to have been constructed in the 11th century. The main feature of this Basilica is the remains of the Saint which are preserved here. The two doorways called the Puerta Del Perdon and the Puerta Del Cordero are the popular places of visit. There is a museum which has a collection of Romanesque frescoes and paintings and many works of sculpture. Just by the side of the church is the San Marco's facade which is said to have been installed in the 16th century. This facade is attractively decorated with medals. There is a motif of Santiago which is beautifully decorated. A hospital has also been set up for the convenience of the visitors.

San Juan Church:

This church is said to have been built in the 10th century. There are also other churches like the church of San Martin and the church of San Marcelo which are most popular for their works of architecture.

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